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1919 Gin

1919 is the year New Zealand almost voted to introduce prohibition across the country. In fact the vote to enforce prohibition got to 49.7%. 1919 Distillery is set up as celebration to the 50.3% of Kiwis who supported the right to enjoy a gin n tonic! 

19191 is an impressive site in Auckland where they make the drink your about to enjoy under the grain to glass model. Using New Zealand grain the base sprit goes through the wash, the stripping run and most importantly for gin the spirit run! This is where the gin magic happens. Botanicals are added by steeping or vapour infusion. The distillers at 1919 are proud to use Kiwi botanicals (as far as possible) - the lemons, oranges are organic and grown near by the cherries are from Central Otage. To give the gin that dry sweetness Manuka Honey is used (this gin is not vegan friendly). The pink flavours and colours come from Auckland cherries & raspberries. This is a gin that showcases the best flavours of New Zealand. 

We topped the box up with Imperial Tonic also from New Zealand, a beer from Yeastie Boys (try it with the gin!) and some garnishes to enable you to maximise your home gin n tonics! 

CHEATSHEET Location: Auckland, New Zealand Strength: 41% Botanicals: Otago Cherries, Lemon & Orange Peel, Manuka Honey, Angelica Root, Juniper, Cinnamon Sticks, Cardomom, Corriander, Fressh Strawberries and Auckland Raspberries.
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