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Gin 1689 - Gin's Original Recipe

This month we move from Down Under to what many consider the home of gin; The Netherlands. This gin does will only take you on a journey around the world, but also back in time to 1689.

Amazingly the recipe for this gin was discovered in the British Museum by the Amsterdam Craft Gin Company. The recipe itself dates back to 1689 and is said to have been distilled by William of Orange himself after he was proclaimed King of England, Scotland & Ireland.

Whilst the amounts of each ingredient was found to be in indecipherable code, the botanicals themselves were obvious, and the Amsterdam Craft Gin Company got cracking on creating this tribute to a truly different time period.
Check out the recipe on the back of the bottle yourself, and see if you can crack the code!

The resulting gin is a complex piney, juniper forward gin, with subtle citrus notes. A truly gin forward drink with a little slip of history in each glass.
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