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Il Ginreale

In many ways it is surprising Italy does not have a great gin history or tradition. Many of the botanicals used in gins around the world steal from the herb garden that is Italy. Botanicals such as Sicilian Lemon, thyme, rosemary & of course Tuscan Junipers are from Italy and found in many Italian dishes (and vermouths)

Il Gin Reale tap into this rich heritage to make their version of an Italian Gin. The first thing  you notice with this gin is the fresh flavours of the Tuscan Juniper grown specifically for gin distilling by Il Reale. As the flavours increase you will notice floral notes of rose, fresh and fruity raspberries and finally absinthe, some may even notice notes reminiscent of grape skins.

The coat of arms found on the front of the bottle and the Royal from Il Reale is taken from Umberto Savoy II, the last king of Italy. Who reigned for 34 days after World War 2.

We've topped the box with extra Italian tonic a stirrer and pineapple juice (check out this months cocktail, perfect from those long summer nights!). We look forward to improving our extras as supply chains open up again!
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