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Heimat Gin; The type that warms you up

Heimat Gin is the type of gin that warms you up after a long day at the Christmas Market.

Located in an old stone works in the forests of Stuttgart, Heimat Gin takes their inspiration from nature and their home (heimat means home in German).
An aim to produce gin in a sustainable manner within their landscape leads to the team foraging their local fields for botanicals such as meadow sage, ribwort & apples.

Germany is a hotbed of gin production, with around 2000 distilleries producing gin. Obviously the success of Monkey47 drives the German gin style, but behind the behemoth there are hundreds of local success stories that focus on the rich produce and heritage of the country. Reflecting in styles that match its geography from nautically inspired gins in the north of the country to berry based gins from the black forest of Bavaria.

Keep an eye out for German gins are they find their way into the market place and grow in reputation.
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