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Langtons, a Celebration of the Lake District

Langtons is a celebration of the lake district, the softness, the elegance, the freshness and the warmth. The experience starts with a soft understated aroma of juniper on the nose and a floral fresh lift,  The taste is soft and fresh with a subtle depth on the palate with notes of citrus and a slight sweetness and then a surprisingly smooth finish.

Because of the purity of the water used Langtons No.1 is exceptionally bright and very clear with real depth and substance. The blend of 11 botanical s include ancient Lake District Oak Bark. The outcome is a gin so smooth and flavoursome that as well as enjoying Langtons No.1 with tonic, or in your favourite cocktail.

The catalyst for producing Langtons No1 was the discovery of an aquifer that sits under the mountain of Skiddaw, Keswick and Derwent Water.

The water is up to a million years old, and has filtered through black slate that is 450 million years old, and the purity provides for the fresh crisp taste of Langtons.  The PH of the water also gives Langtons No1 the slight sweetness perfectly balancing the blend of botanicals.
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