PiGin - Ginsanity


PiGin is our first gin from Sweden and displays botanicals and ingredients from across the country. The base itself is an organic rye vodka base from Dalarna, a Norwegian border county and the remaining water is from a nearby fresh water source. An interesting trend in gin is distilleries using natural water almost as a secondary botanical. Previously water in gin would have been purified so that any so called impurities would have been filtered out, however as we have seen with the last two gins, distillers now like to show off their terroir more in the gin. 

PiGin master distiller Yvla Binder distils PiGin in her hometown of Åkers Styckebruk by herself in the disused railway station. The signature botanicals of PiGin is her mix of three peppers. Ashanti, Indian Long and Black Pepper. This provides for a level of heat and surprisingly creaminess that we have found makes a perfect Gin n Tonic. To get the creaminess effect bottles have to be matured for 6-8 weeks as the strong heat dissipates and fresh flavours of pepper come to the fore. 

Add a few black pepper kernels or Ashanti pepper to your next drink and see how you find it! 

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