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Seekers Spirits

Like Tuk-Tuks,  after waiting a long time, two Asian Gins come at almost the same time! Seekers Spirits are an independent distillery based out of Cambodia - using the spirit of the Mekong River and sending out their messaging in a bottle.

Mekong Gin uses botanical foraged from their namesake; the mighty Mekong River. Their 11 botanicals range from more traditional flavours such as coriander and cassia bark to exotic Camdonian flavour botanicals like Khmer basil, lemongrass and pandan. You can truly taste and smell these botanicals as the gin works its way over your palate. 

Each batch is distilled through Mae - Seekers own still and its final form is a smooth, vibrant gin that celebrates the wild warmth and rich culture of the Mekong. 

We topped up the box with three Q tonics, coconut water (to detox with or retox with our suggested cocktail recipe!) and the limited edition Ginsanity sunglasses!

This is a gin that celebrates the unique summer and hopefully takes you on a journey.

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