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Welcome to Hong Kong's first subscription Gin Club!

Our first bottle; Noble Cut - comes direct from Sydney, Australia. Made by the legendary Young Henrys Brewery at their distillery in Newtown; in the heart of Sydney.

This juice stays true to their London Dry (g)inspiration, but in true Aussie style there is a kick of Australian ingredients including the native Enigma Hop - what else would you expect from a brewery! Other local Australian botanicals used include pepper-berry, bush tomato and a pinch of cascara

To make the base spirit Young Henrys twice distil Australian Barley in their still which has been sourced from an 8th generation bootlegger based in Tennessee. Young Henrys is unique in Australia in that they actually distil the base spirit themselves.

All of that leads to a highly aromatic, highly complex and altogether unique take on the London Dry style of gin.

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