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Tabar Gin

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Tabar is distilled in Finale Emilia, in the Lower Modena area, with an ancient technique, as is the history of the Casoni factory. The unique mixture of juniper berries is heated to 60 ° and left to infuse for 3 days before being distilled in discontinuous steel stills.

The minimum possible heating makes it possible to obtain the purest heart of the juniper distillate which is thus separated from the distillation tails. The "heart" thus obtained remains in aging in steel tanks for at least 3 months. It is the time necessary for the distillate to blend and the aromatic compounds to complement each other.

A similar process is applied to other botanicals that finally, mixed with alcohol, allow to obtain the "burning" mass of the Gin Tabar. The mixture of distillates and alcohol remains in refinement for about 30 days in order to allow the aromatic rounding.
After this process, the Gin Tabar is now ready to fill its iconic bottle.

Even if the aromas of orange, sweet and bitter prevail, the taste of juniper accompanied by angelica and coriander stand out but it is easy to perceive the aroma of cardamom and rosemary, the delicacy of chamomile and the freshness of anise .
The perfectly balanced botanicals and the accuracy in the research of the raw materials are mixed with the typicality of the foggy territory making the Tabar gin unique and unmistakable.

Key Facts:
  • Origin: Lower Modena, Italy
  • ABV: 45%
  • Bottle Size: 700ml

The Perfect G&T

The best part about Gin & Tonics is everyone can create their perfect cocktail with only a few key ingredients. Our recommendation is:

  • 40ml x of your favourite gin
  • 200ml x of your chosen tonic water
  • Add in your garnish to finish off the aromas

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