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Romeo Gin Christmas Set

Romeo Gin Christmas Set

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 The Gin

Romeo’s Gin is inspired by Montreal; few other cities have an art scene as unique and as vibrant as the French Canadian City and this gin is nothing if not vibrant and unique. The label is custom from Montreal artist; Stikki Peaches - known for his murals across the city and Canada. Stikki Peaches has updated the classic Mozart portrait to give this bottle a contemporary, urban feel.

Enough about art though. This gin is made using redistilled Canadaian vodka as a base and uses sweeter botanicals such as cucumber, almond and lemon to give this gin a contemporary profile. Once the initial sweetness dissipates from the nose secondary botanicals such as cucumber and dill bring a freshness to the gin. This gin can be used in a variety of cocktails - including those recommended but perhaps works best in a sprit

The Set
  • Ginvitae Gin
  • 8-pack of Fever Tree Tonics
  • 4 x Ginsanity Cups
  • 1 x Christmas Jumper!

The box is delivered is a Ginsanity Box, perfect to be placed under a tree or given as a gift to a special someone. 

Same Day Delivery

We offer flat rate delivery of $60 for purchases of up to $600. We use SF express who deliver to all four corners of Hong Kong for our deliveries. Orders after 6pm will be processed the following morning:
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If you need same day delivery let us know, we can make special arrangements. 

Perfect G&T

The best part about Gin & Tonics is everyone can create their perfect cocktail with only a few key ingredients. Our recommendation is:

  • 40ml x of your favourite gin
  • 200ml x of your chosen tonic water
  • Add in your garnish to finish off the aromas
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